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Job Post 13/1/2017


Job Post: 25/12/2016


Job Post: 21/8/2016

–  The Instructor is responsible for providing an effective learning environment that guides and encourages our students to develop and fulfill their academic potential through planning, organizing, and implementing the relevant instructional program. The instructor is responsible for maintenance of professional competence through provision of clear documentation and feedback on student progress and for participation in departmental professional development activities. The Instructor works under the guidance and supervision of the EL Associate Manager and Education Manager.


Volunteering Position: 10/7/2016


Job Post :24/6/2016

Job Post : 24/6/2016

  • Organization Name: The IG Club
  • Location: HQ in Mohandeseen, teaching centres: Nasr City, New Cairo, El Sheikh Zayed and Mohandeseen
  • Job Title: English as second language teacher
  • Closing Date: 7th of July 2016
  • Required Hours: part time with a minimum of 9 hours per week during summer and 6 hours (weekend) during winter
  • Salary information:

– 100 per hour for none TEFL/CELTA/CELT

–  125 per hour for TEFL/CELTA/CELT

–   175 per hour for DELTA/ Master degree

  • Full advertisement:


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