Types of Sessions

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Types of Sessions at NileTESOL 2017

20 X 20 Presentation (10 Minutes)

A 20 X 20 presentation is a quick “sales pitch” of a creative idea using 20 carefully chosen, auto-advancing slides to accompany the creative idea the presenter is sharing with the audience.  The presentation lasts for seven minutes, followed by three minutes for questions.

Teaching without Tech (20 Minutes)

This event will include 20-minute presentations about topics related to teaching with minimal resources.

E-Community (20 Minutes)

An E-Community presentation includes brief, 20-minute technology-related presentations held in a hall.  Presentations should discuss topics such as useful websites and software, and should be held in a “show and tell” format.

Poster Session (20 Minutes)

A poster session is an informal presentation in which the presenter uses a paper poster to illustrate new ideas or research.  The poster is mounted on a board that includes a title, the name and institutional affiliation of the presenter(s), and brief pieces of text with clearly labeled photos, drawings, graphs, or charts.  The poster is accompanied by a 10-minute oral explanation and followed by a brief period for questions.  Several poster presentations happen simultaneously in the same room, with small audiences gathering around each poster to hear one presentation at a time.  No AV equipment or electrical access is available.  Detailed guidelines will be sent to accepted poster session presenters.

Presentation (45 Minutes)

A presentation is a 30-35 minute talk covering the presenter’s research or demonstrating a new idea, followed by 10 minutes for questions and discussion with the audience.

Workshop (90 Minutes)

A workshop is an interactive session in which the facilitator guides the audience through the steps of implementing a new idea or technique.  A workshop may include some formal presentation in which the facilitator explains the background and basics of the new idea or technique.  However, most of the session is dedicated to giving the audience hands-on practice with the new idea or technique, followed by time for discussion and questions.


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