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RELO Office at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo
Based at the U.S Embassy Cairo, the Regional English Language Office (RELO) in Egypt is one of the twenty five such offices around the world, funded and coordinated by the U.S Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of English Language Programs. RELO offers resources and programs for English language learners and teachers in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan.
RELO supports U.S public diplomacy efforts to enhance mutual understanding, through English, between the people of this region and the United States. RELO offers professional development, educational exchange programs, and materials for English language teachers and students.
For more details on our programs and resources, please visit our website: And/or follow us on RELO Cairo Facebook page.

RELO Supports ELT Professional Development
E-Teacher Scholarship Program
This competitive scholarship allows you to take a semester-long Master’s degree-level on-line course in a TESOL-related field from an American university via innovative distance learning technology.
Find the instructions and application here to apply for the E-Teacher Scholarship Program.

Shaping the Way We Teach English Webinar Courses
This one and a half hour weekly online professional development program for English teachers features American instructors sharing how you can use more interactive, student-centered approaches to language teaching. Contact us to register and view previous webinars here.

U.S-Bound Exchange Programs
Numerous exchange programs offer opportunities for English teachers in the region to travel to the U.S., including the Teachers of Critical Languages Program, the Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Program, and Study in the U.S. Institutes. Watch the U.S. Embassy website and Facebook pages for announcements.

English Teaching Forum (ETF) Magazine
If you want to learn what other teachers of English around the world are doing in their classrooms, you can find out in English Teaching Forum Magazine, one quarterly professional teaching journal for teachers of English. Read more at

American English Website
Need a new activity for your classroom? From books and lessons plans to music and interactive videos, explore our collection of nearly 1000 resources for teachers and learners of English. Our website is

Financial Support to NileTESOL
The U.S. Embassy in Cairo through RELO sponsors various NileTESOL Teacher Training grants and scholarships programs:
Intensive FELY YL Scholarships
Regional TESOL Conference Scholarships
International TESOL Online Course
NileTESOL/AUC Conference
NileTESOL Professional Development Events
FELT Scholarships
In cooperation with Nile TESOL, RELO offers these opportunities for Egyptian TESOL teachers, professors, and researchers to develop their teaching and research skills, to widen their professional network, to gain experience at presenting at international conferences, and ultimately to share their experiences with their colleagues in schools or universities in Egypt.



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