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NileTESOL Conference 2015

Creative Communities: Inspiring Teaching and Ownership of Learning"

Conference Website: Please check it HERE

Please see the conference program book HERE


Free Bus Service:

We're glad to announce there is free bus service to/from AUC New Cairo Campus that will be available during the conference to all attendees.  

To use the AUC bus service during the conference, please follow the instructions below:

- Check AUC bus routes to locate the nearest bus stop. 

- Print out the transportation slips  and write down your name on each one you'll use.

- Present yourself to the bus driver when you get in the bus as a NileTESOL conference attendee.

- Keep the appropriate transportation slip with you to turn it in to the supervisor who will be at the Bus Terminal Entrance.

For bus riders arriving before noon on the first day of the conference, January 26th, once you turn in your slip to the supervisor, you will get back on the bus and be dropped off at the Sports Entrance which is closer to the registration area.

For any questions, email us at:


- NileTESOL General Assembly- A Message from the President and Board of Directors

Candidates for office; General Assembly 2015 agenda; Minutes of GA 2014

Dear NileTESOL members,

This is a reminder to all NileTESOL members planning to attend the conference next week that the annual General Assembly (business meeting) will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 27, from 1:00-1:45 pm.

I urge all members to attend this session, as we will be conducting some important business at that time.

First of all, all members in attendance will be able to cast a vote for the nominated candidates for President-Elect and Member-at-Large. (See Slate of Candidates attached.)

Second, members in attendance will be asked to approve a NileTESOL constitutional amendment relating to the number of members on the Board of Directors (see the details regarding the proposed amendment on pages 2 and 3 of the attached "Agenda")

At the General Assembly, members will also be given reports reviewing the activities of the organization in 2014 and a preview of plans for 2015.

Finally, the convening of the General Assembly is an excellent chance for any member to make suggestions or propose initiatives that they would like to personally undertake or see undertaken by the Board or other individual members for the development of the organization.

The annual General Assembly is the best opportunity for members to meet together as a body and to discuss matters concerning the association, and we hope many of you will be in attendance this year.

Please see the 3 links below relevant to the General Assembly on Tuesday:

1. Agenda for the 2015 General Assembly (GA) (with explanation of the proposed amendment) HERE

2. Election documents: NileTESOL Slate of candidates_Jan 2015 (with candidate statements) HERE

3. Minutes of the GA of January 2014, to be submitted for review and approval by the membership at the 2015 GA (after any needed corrections are made) HERE


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Looking forward to welcoming you to NileTESOL 2015!


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