Board of Directors

Niletesol International Association

Board of Directors

The NileTESOL Board of Directors (BOD) consists of up to 17 members directed by an elected President. The BOD consists of representatives from various constituencies, public and private in the ELT sector in Egypt.

2017-2018 Officers/ Executive Committee

Alexandar Lewko


The American University in Cairo

Contact at:


Omaima Ayoub


Badr University in Cairo


Amira Salama

Past President

The American University in Cairo


Mai Magdy

Executive Director

Cairo University

Members of the Board


  • Hanan Fares – School of Continuing Education (SCE)
  • Ruth Petzold– U.S. Embassy RELO
  • Jon Parnham – British Council
  • Maria Arruda – AMIDEAST
  • Kamila Helmy– AUC- At-Large
  • Sanaa Makhlouf – AUC- At-Large
  • Ahmed Samir– Al-Azhar University
  • Ghada Abulhassan– Stars Language School
  • Eman Youssef- Ministry of Education
  • Amal Abou-Setta- Member-at-Large
  • Mayssa Hashad- National Universities

           Board Committee Chairs


  • Mariam Osman & Rania Jabr – Department of English Language Instruction (ELI), Conference co-chairs. Contact at:
  • Amira Salama- AUC TESOL Program, Chair of the Communications Committee. Contact at:
  • Muhammed Khalil–  Cairo University & School of Continuing Education; Languages Department, Chair of Professional Development Committee. Contact at:
  • Maha Hamed– Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Chair of SIG . Contact at:


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