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Learning Technologies Special Interest Group (LTSIG)

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Statement of Purpose

NileTESOL’s Learning Technologies Special Interest Group (LTSIG) is a new SIG of NileTESOL . Its main interests are applying new technologies into teaching English as a second / foreign language in Egypt and globally. It is aimed at introducing English Language educators to new technologies such as mobile learning, the use of interactive boards and other online tools such as; synchronous and asynchronous tools, social media and learning management systems among many others. It is also concerned with connecting educators in Egypt with other around the world sharing the latest practices, research and studies in the field .


– Raise awareness of the role of learning technologies in language teaching.

– Develop members’ expertise in the use of learning technologies with their learners in different contexts.

– Open opportunities for ELT educators to connect with other educators in Egypt and other countries around the world.

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SIG Coordinators:

Waleed Mandour

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